Carey Park, Wednesday 4:00pm

Carey Park, Saturday 1:00pm

 Konen Creek, Sunday 1:00pm




1st - Josh Carroll (51)
2nd - Jeff Updegrove (45)

3rd - Mario Mendoza (35)
4th -
Matt Newton (31)
5th - Jonathan Carroll (23)
6th - Alexandre Freeland (22)
7th -
Stanley Hoschouer (21)
8th - Brady Delp (21)
9th - Ian Ray (21)
10th - Adam Robb (18)
11th - Jacob Carroll (18)
12th - Devin Brown (16)
13th - Tony Klassen (15)
14th - Scott Carpenter (15)
15th - Adam Bleything (11)
16th - Brian Reeves (9)
17th - Brian Shields (9)
18th - Max Banker (6)
19th -
Justin Felix (5)
20th - Jesse Debozy (4)
21st - Nicholas LaGreca (3)
22nd - Casey Frischenmeyer (2)


Disc golf at Carey Park is becoming increasingly active. Looking for a way to get involved? The 2013 season of summer league will be starting up on Thursday, May 23rd!

In order to become fully registered for league play, please sign up and become a Site Member! This will allow you to receive email notifications as updates are made to the site. There is no cost to create a profile on the website. After signing up online, stay tuned for information regarding the first league night.


  • Players will compete in one round of 18 holes (stroke play, singles)
  • League Fee:  $10 for the entire season
  • Start Time:  Meet at the course Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM to allow time for check-in and warm up.  Tee off will begin by 6:30 PM
  • Each player must keep track of their score (total number of strokes) and report final score to the League Administrator upon completion of the round.
  • Ties will be broken with a one-throw sudden death closest-to-pin (CTP) competition between the individuals who tied.  CTP will take place from a location designated by the League Administrator.
  • After all scores have been reported and all ties have been settled, points will be awarded based on players' scores in relation to the total attendance.
  • Occasionally the League Administrator may decide to change the playing format.  Possible formats include Alternate Tees, Doubles, Glow-in-the-dark, and more.
  • There will be two cash prize contests throughout the course of summer league:  (1) CTP ($1/night), League Administrator will determine the hole at which players will mark their disc if they are the closest disc to the basket after their tee shot.  Player with the closest drive will earn a small cash pot at the end of each league night and (2) Ace Fund, each player may contribute $1 to a rolling ace fund.  The pot will continue to grow until a player hits a hole-in-one during any league night.  That player will receive a percentage of the pot depending on how many occasions he/she contributed to the ace fund.


  • Points are awarded on a percentage basis.  The number of points awarded depends on:  (1) Total strokes (2) Number in attendance
  • For example, if 15 players are in attendance approximately every 20% will be awarded an additional point (bottom 20% = 1 point, top 20% = 5 points)
  • Payout starts at 5 points and decreases by 1 point for players scoring in the next lowest 20%
  • For every 5 players after 10 participants, an additional point will be added to the payout.

  • 1-10 players, payout = 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • 11-15 players, payout = 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • 16-20 players, payout = 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  • To see a complete chart of the point payout (up to 30 players), it may be viewed here.
  • Some players may earn the same amount of points on a given league night, but number of league rounds played, followed by total strokes, will be taken into consideration when determining leaderboard rankings.
  • Hitting an ace on any given league night will earn you 5 bonus points.