Disc golf is played with Professional Flying Discs, which bear certain resemblances to frizbees.  Flying Discs are smaller and heavier, and fly much farther.  Some players are capable of throwing distances of 350 to 400 feet or more.

Disc golf may be the least expensive, organized sport around with initial costs as low as $9.00 to $18.00 - the price of one or two discs.  You can play with friends in normal attire and have a grand time!

The rules and the object of Disc Golf are similar to ball golf; get your disc into the basket in the least number of strokes.  Par is assigned for each hole; par 3 for professional, club, and tournament play; and par 4 for Public Par.


1.  Determine the order of turns for the hole by any method you choose.  The order of play on each subsequent hole is determined by the scores for the hole just previous, in order of the best scores.  The play with the lowest score for hole one throws first on hole 2, and so on.  If all players score the same on any hole, there is no change in the order of play for the next hole.

2.  The first throw from any hole is made from within the Tee Box.  Players, in turn, throw their discs as far as possible in the direction of the basket.  Stepping outside of the Tee Box before releasing your disc requires a penalty of one stroke for the hole.

3.  For subsequent throws on a hole, the players throw "from the footprint" of their last thrown disc.  Except for putting, a "run-up" or "step-up" to the throwing spot is permitted, so long as placement of the forward foot lies within ten inches behind the forward-most point of the disc from the previous throw.  Violation of this rule results in a penalty of one stroke for the hole.

4.  The "lie" of the discs thrown determines the order of throwing on second and subsequent throws.  The person who is "out" (farthest from the basket) throws first, then the next out and so on.  If the player farthest out fails to throw past the disc of the player the next farthest out, he/she is still out and throws again.

5.  Throwing out of turn may result in a penalty of one stroke for the hole.  Exception:  if "out" players are not ready, and it will not delay their play, by mutual consent, players who are closer may throw without penalty stroke.

6.  When putting, players stand stationary, and may not fall or jump in front of the lie of their last thrown disc whether the disc comes to rest inside or outside the basket.  Violation of this rule results in a penalty of one stroke.

7.  To add interest and difficulty to some holes, bunkers have been dug in the course.  In addition, the area outside the cable on holes 3 and 4, and the area between the paved roadway and the boundary cable for the Municipal Golf Course, are designated as bunkers.

     Discs coming to rest in a bunker require that the next throw be an upside down (U.D.) throw.

     An U.D. is thrown with the thumb inside the lip on the bottom of the disc.  It may be thrown with "parallel" to the ground, or over-handed in the fashion of throwing tomahawk.  No penalty is assessed.

8.  Certain areas are designated as out of bounds; some due to safety considerations.  Throwing out of bounds results in a penalty of one stroke for the hole, with the next throw taking place from the point where the disc last went out of bounds.

     A disc going out of bounds from a bunker requires no U.D. and is thrown from the point within the bunker when it went out of bounds.  There can only be one penalty assessed per "stroke".

     Discs falling on the paved road, inside the boundary of the Municipal Golf Course, outside the fence along the east side of the course, or in permanent water, are out of bounds.

9.  At the end of play, the player with the lowest cumulative score is the winner.  Should there be a tie at the end of normal play, the tied players may elect to share the win, or to play a sudden-death play-off.

     A sudden-death play-off is played one hole at a time.  If one player scores lower than the opponent, the game is over, and the low scoring player wins.


Doubles play follows all the rules above except that it is played in the "Scramble" format.  The best lie of the team is played on all throws, with both players throwing from the same lie.


(All of the above is also posted on the sign at the tee box of Hole 1 on the course)